Go fishing without tying a knot!

Twist-N-Fish connects your line to your lure in just 3 simple steps

Loop It image

01. Loop It

First, make a loop at the end of your line. Take that loop and place it at the base of the hump in the middle of the connector. Then hold both ends of the line tight against the hump and off to the right of the connector.

02. Twist It

Twist both ends of the line in a clockwise direction around the shaft of the connector. Be sure to make 5 - 6 twists before continuing to the third and final step.

Twist It image
Fish It image

03. Fish It

Finally, pull your line in an upwards fashion locking the line under the loop at the end of the connector. Then just clip off any excess line, attach a hook or lure, clamp down the lock, and go catch some fish!